Pumpmasters News June 2011.
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Stock of Dab E.sybox pumpsets and accessories, Water Filters and UV Disinfection Units ready for despatch from stock at our Livingston Warehouse..... ASK ABOUT OUR MARCH PROMOTION         All Pump Selections and Systems are designed by our own in house technical sales team......          Pumpmasters Service team reguarly carry out routine servicing and repairs for most types of pump and water treatment equipment, in addition to waste water pumping stations, rain water harvesting and sewage treatment plant.  
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June 2011

Royal Highland Show 23rd - 26th June 2011

This year Pumpmasters returned to Avenue P at the Royal Highland Show for the four day agricultural show. This year in addtion to our normal range of pumping equipment we had a fully operational Eco friendly ECO pump on display. These pumps are powered by the power of flowing water, delivering water to remote locations, where it may be needed. Many visitors as well as our distributors found this to be of interest, in fact more than one visitor to the stand expressed "that pump is the most interested thing at the show this year".

. As promised most of the products on display have brochures available on our website, please follow this link: if you wish to download these.
Pumpmasters Stand at the Royal Higland Show 2011

In addition to this pump we had pressure boosting pumpsets, parlour washdown sets, and various submeribles on display. For filtration we had media filters and UV disinfections units. Back to News Index


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