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Stock of Dab E.sybox pumpsets and accessories, Water Filters and UV Disinfection Units ready for despatch from stock at our Livingston Warehouse..... ASK ABOUT OUR MARCH PROMOTION         All Pump Selections and Systems are designed by our own in house technical sales team......          Pumpmasters Service team reguarly carry out routine servicing and repairs for most types of pump and water treatment equipment, in addition to waste water pumping stations, rain water harvesting and sewage treatment plant.  
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May 2011

Royal Highland Show 23rd - 26th June 2011

Pumpmasters will be in their usual place in Avenue P at the Royal Highland Show this year, please feel free to come along for a chat. Tickets are available from www.royalhighlandshow.org
Pumpmasters Stand at the Royal Higland Show 2010

Visit our stand to see one of our Eco friendly Water Powered pumps in action. This pump is capable of delivering up to 800 litres in 24 hours, up to 92 metres height, without an external power source.

This month we supplied pumps for all sorts of applications, much of our business is to do with private water supplies and water/sewage pumping, however we have also:

  • Supplied two Horizontal Multistage Pumps for the Offshore Oil industry. These are to be used for internal pipework cleaing. This application involves firing a "pig" up the pipework by pressurising the line with our pumps. This has led to a further order of four units due next month.
    PML PumpCleaning Pig
  • Supplied multiple Hygenic Pumps for use in industrial oven cleaning.
    Hygenic Pump

    Pumpmasters' service engineers have been busy working in the sports industry. Every year the irrigation pumps are recommissioned after the winter on bowling greens, golf courses and sports facilities. At this point work is often required on the pump systems. This month we have been working at two major premier league football team's training grounds, and the home of Scottish rugby.

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