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Pumpmasters would like to wish all visitors to their site, customers, and suppliers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.......        Pumpmasters will be closed over the festive season from 12.00 on the 21st of December, re-opening on the 3rd of January..... Should you require our services during this time we are available for emergencies, please call our regular number and leave a voicemail and we will call you back as soon as possible......           Stock of Dab E.sybox pumpsets and accessories, Water Filters and UV Disinfection Units ready for despatch from stock at our Livingston Warehouse..... ASK ABOUT OUR JANUARY PROMOTION         All Pump Selections and Systems are designed by our own in house technical sales team......          Pumpmasters Service team reguarly carry out routine servicing and repairs for most types of pump and water treatment equipment, in addition to waste water pumping stations, rain water harvesting and sewage treatment plant.  
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Rewater Rainwater Harvesting Systems

McRain Rainwater Unit Rainwater Harvesting provides for the collection and storage of rain water and then enables the stored water to be used for toilet flushing, Washing Machine water and Garden watering.

We handle the Rewatec range of Rainwater Harvesting Systems, these can provide up to 50% of the typical household water needs thus saving on the mains water costs.

Our Rainwater Harvesting Systems support the processing of rain recovery and rain collection and then provide for the rain water storage into the highest quality tanks. The tanks carry a 25 year warranty, and do not require any concrete in the installation.

We have a full range of systems available, utilising either internal or external pumps.

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