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Stock of Dab E.sybox pumpsets and accessories, Water Filters and UV Disinfection Units ready for despatch from stock at our Livingston Warehouse..... ASK ABOUT OUR MARCH PROMOTION         All Pump Selections and Systems are designed by our own in house technical sales team......          Pumpmasters Service team reguarly carry out routine servicing and repairs for most types of pump and water treatment equipment, in addition to waste water pumping stations, rain water harvesting and sewage treatment plant.  
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Pumpmasters Water Supply Units

Pumpmasters have a full range of automatic pressurisation pumping units. These are broken down into various ranges, however all units are supplied taking into account all site conditions to ensure the maximum life is achieved from the equipment.

  • Surface Mounted Pumps These can be either single, twin or triple pumps with either fixed speed, or variable speed motors.
    single pump with pressure/flow controller single pump with water cooled variable speed drive
    single pump with pressure switch control and break tank on a skid single pump with full water treatment, all on a concrete plinth inside a GRP kiosk
    Twin variable speed pumpset with water treatment equipment for caravan park water supply

  • Submersible Borehole Pumps Pumpmasters Ltd operate as a one stop borehole shop for clients, with a full range of equipment suitable for use wells of 3 inch and larger diameter. Our scope of supply includes the pump, properly sized cabling, lifting rope, rising main kit & wellhead flange kit and all associated pipework, valves and fittings. Our wellhead flanges are CNC machined to our design to ensure long life and security of your well.

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