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Stock of Dab E.sybox pumpsets and accessories, Water Filters and UV Disinfection Units ready for despatch from stock at our Livingston Warehouse..... ASK ABOUT OUR MARCH PROMOTION         All Pump Selections and Systems are designed by our own in house technical sales team......          Pumpmasters Service team reguarly carry out routine servicing and repairs for most types of pump and water treatment equipment, in addition to waste water pumping stations, rain water harvesting and sewage treatment plant.  
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Water Treatment Products & Services

Pumpmasters have a full range of products available for use with water treatment.  This equipment must be carefully selected to ensure safe drinking water can be achieved. We strongly recommend that you have a full analysis carried out on your water prior to any treatment carried out. If you are unsure what should be checked please do not hesitate to call us. Further information covering some of our treatment products can be viewed here.


Improve taste, remove odours or chlorine Activated Carbon Filters
Arsenic removal


Soften hard waterWater Softeners
Iron & Manganese RemovalFilox & Birm
Lower Nitrates in the water Nitrate Removal
Raise ph (stops acidic water) Ph Adjustment Units
Resolves most issues Reverse Osmosis
Purify water Ozone Units
Removal of organics such as peat Organic Scavenger Unit
Sediment Removal (down to 0.1 micron) Std Housings BB Housings Elements
Turbidity & Sediment Sand Filters
UV Treatment: up to 33 litres per minute Series 3 UV Unit
UV Treatment: up to 120 litres per minute Series Saphir UV Unit
UV Treatment: up to 175 litres per minute Series 4 UV Unit
UV Treatment: up to 1,366 litres per minute Series 10 UV Unit



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