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Pumpmasters Services

Pump Supplies
A full range of pumps and accessories to cover most applications is handled. We also specialise in the supply and design of complete pumping systems to cover applications such as Private Pressurised Water Supplies and removal of Sewage and Waste Water in domestic properties, and commercial developments.

Site Visits
Pumpmasters will where required, visit site to determine your requirements. Discussing all parts of the system.

Pump selection
All pump selections are carried out taking into account the whole system. It is all too easy to carry out a selection not taking this into account resulting in a pump not performing to its optimum performance. This can lead to increased running and maintenance costs. Also a shorter life span of the pumping equipment. At Pumpmasters we take all factors of an application into account to avoid the unforeseen. The information we collate on site is used to generate a computer model of your system. We then add data of proposed pumps to allow us to determine how these will interact with your system. From this we can quickly determine the most efficient pump to work with your system. During this process we take care to ensure the pump can still operate without risk of damage even under unforeseen conditions.Over the years we have developed a trust with customers that our pump selections are accurate enough to give guaranteed performance. From simple water supply systems to large fountains to multi speed electronic chip washing systems a Pumpmasters system will deliver the required performance.

A quotation is promptly prepared giving fair prices with a realistic delivery schedule, either by telephone, fax, email or post - you choose.

Your order will be handled by the same person you originally dealt with at the quotation stage. This ensures continuity and reduces the chance of errors.

Once a delivery date is arranged we work purely to that date. In the event of an unforeseeable delay we advise the customer immediately, with an alternative plan.

From the moment an installation is ordered you are placed directly in touch with our installation team, they will liase with you at all stages of the job. Any delays are immediately reported to alleviate any problems.

After Sales Servicing
Pump systems installed by us are recorded on our system to allow us to advise you when service work is required. Our team of service engineers travel around the country servicing complete pumping systems giving customers peace of mind that their equipment is in satisfactory condition. Where problems are encountered we advise you right away.


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